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Exhortations of Jesus According to Matthew and Up From the Depts: Mark As Tragedy by Morris A. Inch Publication: Lanham: University Press of America, Inc. 1997 . 176 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
God Was In Christ by D.M. Baillie Publication: London: Faber And Faber Limited . 231 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
Jesus and Politics: Confronting the Powers by Alan Storkey Publication: Grand Rapids: Baker Academic 2005 . 336 p. , <br>Committed to moving beyond many misunderstandings, Alan Storkey deftly examines the politics of Jesus - reading out from the life and work of Christ instead of reading into the New Testament with a predisposed agenda. Jesus and Politics presents a thorouth narrative reading of the Gospels - with far-reading implications - moving into issues of political philosophy, principle, and practice. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС Бібліотека ЛБС Бібліотека ЛБС
Jesus Christ our Lord by John F. Walvoord Publication: Chicago: Moody Press 1969 . 318 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС Бібліотека ЛБС
Life, By His Death!   Publication: London: Grace Publications Trust 1981 . 87 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
Not I but Christ by Stephen F. Olford Publication: Wheaton: Crossway Books 1995 . 192 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
Remember Jesus Christ by Charles R. Erdman Publication: Grand Rapids Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co 1958 . 107 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС (232/84 1) .
Seven Words of Love by Herbert Lockyer Publication: Waco: Word Books Publisher 1975 . 168 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
The Desire of Ages , The Conflict of the Ages Illustrated in the Life of Christ by Ellen G. White Publication: Oshawa Signs of the Times Publishing Association 1946 . 863 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС (232/83 1) .
The Divine Triumph by Quinton Everest Publication: South Bend: Your Worship Hour . 42 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
The Gift of Easter by Floyd Thatcher Publication: Waco: Word Books, Publishers 1976 . 165 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
The Old Testament Presents... Reflections of Christ by Paul R. Van Gorder Publication: Grand Rapids: Radio Bible Class 1982 . 197 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
The One Who Touches Us by John De Vries Publication: South Holland: The World Home Bible League 1980 . 487 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
The Person and Place of Jesus Christ by P. T. Forsyth Publication: London: Independent Press 1961 . 357 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
The Road to the Cross by Herbert F. Stevenson Publication: Westwood: Fleming H. Revell Company 1962 . 128 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
What Happened from the Cross to the Throne by E.W. Kenyon Publication: USA: Kenyon's Gospel Publshing Society 1969 . 203 p. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
Авторитет имени Иисуса Христа by Ульф Экман Publication: К.: Слово жизни 2005 . 32 с. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
Агнец Божий by Антанас Мацейна Publication: СПб.: Алетейя 2002 . 313 с. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
Благословен Грядущий во Имя Господне by Ян Лах Publication: М.: Paoline 2001 . 240 с. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
Бог Иисуса Христа by Каспер В. Publication: 2005 . 462 с. Holdings: Бібліотека ЛБС
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